Spudnik Office & Fabrication Shops

Location: Blackfoot, Idaho                  Year: 2002, 2006


Description: Office: 2 Story 120' Wide, 60' Long, 22' High Side, .25:12 Single Slope  Roof

Fabrication Shop: 150' Wide, 325' Long, 31'-8" High Side Wall, .25:12 Single Slope Roof

Connector Building: 150' Wide, 15' Long, 20' Side Walls

 2006 Addition: 120' Wide, 100' Long, 24' Side Walls, 1.5:12 Double Slope Roof


Design Features: The original 2002 office and fabrication shop is designed using an open web truss system.  The two story office has rows of windows and a 6' outset rounded corner parapet.  The fabrication shop is designed to support a series of hoists that can be taken down and placed on any location from the roof structure.  The 2006 addition was a traditional rigid frame structure, designed to support Four 6-ton Cranes and two 10-ton Cranes.  It also has a 3' eave and rake extension with soffit.

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