Klim Sledwear

Location: Rigby, Idaho    Year: 2004, 2007, 2014, and 2015

Description: 100' Wide, 120' Long, 22' High Side, 18' Low Side, 1/2:12 Single Slope Roof. In 2007 we added a 200' Wide, 60' Long, 22' Side Walls, ½:12 Double Slope Roof. Another 200' Wide, 60' Long, 22' Side Walls was added in 2014 with a 100' Wide, 80' Long Showroom added in 2014/2015.

Design Features: Klim has expanded their facility from the original 2004 building to the present 2015 building.  The original building and the new 2015 addition have Insulated Panels on the walls which provides an excellent R-value, and a modern look on their two story office. Another notable feature is the inset entryway. The 2014/2015 building has a stucco mountain landscape on the insulated metal panels and sloped store front entry/glass.  There is a steel sculpture on the front of the building.

This project received the Behlen Building Systems 2015 OVERALL Building of the Year and also First Place Award in the Retail Facilities Category.

Eastern Idaho's Leading Metal Building Company